Dear world,
heyo and welcome to my website! ♥

Most of my blog entries are in German. But I decided to put more stories online in English. It makes more sense anyway – as most of my interviews are in English.

So far so good.
I am Susi from Germany.

I am an educated graphic designer and also studied integrated design.
Over the years I got into eventmanagement.

I take photos, shoot videos and I love doing little animations as well, sometimes I still do pure graphic design, but I prefer the moving pictures.

Oh and I draw. Actually for my whole life already. Currently I interpret my concert photos new: I use Copics and Promarker and draw some of my photos and give them a new life.

As you could see: Almost everything here is about music. No music – No life. That’s it. And that’s one of the reasons why I am a team member of the online music magazine ALLSCHOOLS.DE

I am very proud of our team and I love to support good musicians. Most of the concert photos, reviews and basically all interviews you can find here: allschools.de as well.

So, if you like what you see and hear, let me know and write me an e-mail: suzimue at gmx.de – I am always happy about feedback and constructive criticism.
Get in touch if you need somebody who captures your fav moments or who manages your tour.
I’m available for shows, tours, promo shoots, portraits, backstage, shooting studio recordings etc. Doesn’t matter if it’s outside of Germany. Let’s talk and we’ll see?

Cheers, Susi