I tested a photobook from @saal_digital again. Well, this time a “photo magazine“. I didn’t print my photos – I used my illustrations of concert pics.
I photographed my artworks and put them together in the magazine.
What shall I say? Saal Digital didn’t disappoint me again:
I chose matt photo paper, bc I loooove it! It looks so much better than shiney paper, in my opinion.
The magazine is very handy and easy to look through the prints because of the spiral binding and the DIN A4 size.
I’ve been surprised that the magazine came with a transparent plastic cover around it – well sheltered.
If I have to compare the book with the magazine, I would chose the magazine again.
It’s just easier to browse through the pages.

All in all:
Big up to #SaalDigital for being amazing again! Thank you very much.


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