I always wanted to create a photo book for every year. But I always just printed a few photos and hung some of them on my wall.
This time I tested a photo book of Saal-Digital. Since my professor recommended this company I printed my photos there.

I ordered a small one: DIN A4 with 26 pages. I did not use any text and filled each page with only one photo. I prefer it to do it this way, because the focus is on the picture it should be.
I chose matt paper for inside and outside. I don’t like the glossy one…
The delivery was fast as always and the item was packed very carefully, so that nothing could be destroyed.
When I opened the package my first thought was „Oh this is so cool! And the paper looks beautiful.“ I love to let photos print. It’s definitely different than just having it on your screen.
The pages of the book are very thick. So there is no chance that a photo on the back of another one will shine through.
I took some photos of the product. All I can say in the end: I definitely gonna order a photo book from Saal-Digital again. It’s cheap and the quality is so, so good!
Keep your eyes open for sales on their website. (I do the same hehe)
Next time I will order one with more pages. And maybe I will do create different ones for more topics. I will see. 🙂