ENTER SHIKARI had two great support bands on this tour: ASTROID BOYS and LOWER THAN ATLANTIS. Unfortunately LTA cancelled the last few shows due to health issues. Hope everything is better by now!
So right after ASTROID BOYS played their set, the SHIKARI crew did the last preparations for the show and the crowd got ready to dance.

They didn’t play the 10min intro. Don’t know why, but okay. So the show starts with “The Spark”.
Right after that they perfom “The Sights” and bring the audience to outer space. Right after that everybody stands together during “Solidarity”.
Then they travel back in time: “Anything Can Happen In The Next Hour” let the people go crazy.
The setlist is a great choice! A good mix of old and new.
Although you could imagine that the band is tired from the tour, they have so much energy again – from the first song on.

Actually I just wanted to stand on the side and enjoy the music (because I have my camera with me). But… You just can’t stand still at a SHIKARI show. It’s not possible. So I give my camera to a security guy (sometimes I trust people, yep) and danceee with the others.

In the middle of the set darkness. What happens now? You can see some people are turning around. Rob and Rou went to the B-stage. Drums and a beautiful piano are waiting for them there. Crying time! Seriously. “This song is dedicated to everybody who’s currently having their worst year.” Yep, hello. Me. Bye.

They play “Airfield” and the wonderful song “Adieu”. On this tour they’re doing lots of live remixes again. They also remixed “Adieu”. It’s such a beautiful song. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
And in the end you just lose yourself and it feels like their music takes you away to another world, where nothing matters and you’re free and light.
Like Rou always said before, their music is not easy listening to and not middle of the road.
They are one of the most diverse band I know – that exists atm.
I love their „key changes“ – two completely different songs flow into each other like it’s the most normal thing in the world. For example “Arguing With Thermometers“ and “Rabble Rouser”.
It makes you speechless.

Especially Rou is known for his crazy dance moves and throwing instruments across the stage.
When they play “Redshift” (almost the last song), he climbs on the scaffolding, stage right and put the cable of his microphone around it somehow. And in the other hand he holds his guitar.
We are just thinking: “What the hell is he doing there?”. Then he accidently dropps the mic. It was so funny… He cannot actually move up there. But for luck somebody gives him his mic back and a crew member helps him, so that Rou can sing into his microphone again. How do they always say? “crew love = true love”. It was really funny and entertaining to watch them. They’re definitely always ready for surprises.
Oh and earlier Rory destroyed a screw of his guitar or something? He was so confused “That never happened to me. I haven’t even known that this is possible.” But hey.. Again: “crew love = true love”. Of course they fixes it.

ENTER SHIKARI know what they want and don’t want to please anybody. That’s why their fans love them. You get everything you need at an ES concert: Rory and Rou teasing the new band member Sparky, Sparky swearing, very quiet and slow parts and in the next minute the whole crowd is going crazy to a song like “…Meltdown”.

I’ve never done a “tour” that was SO different and diverse..
First: London. First time at the beautiful Ally Pally, including a beautiful view over London and quadraphonic sound.
Second: A kinda very spontaneous live session with a few people in a small club in lovely Berlin.
Third: Paris. This was my first concert in France. Met great people there and it was so cool to see a show at the Élysée Montmartre – SO beautiful!!
And the fourth and last gig for me: Munich. Quadraphonic sound as well! It’s so amazing!
Did an interview before the show, but I was super nervous (don’t know why) and I photographed the show. It’s always so much fun to photograph the guys!
During all four shows, they played the same set list. But you know what, every time it’s different nevertheless. You always meet new – awesome! – people, nobody judges you for anything, you dance to your favorite music and ES always surprise with new moves, new jokes and of course their energy – although they’ve been on the road for weeks.

I will never forget this! Thanks ENTER SHIKARI for being ENTER SHIKARI. Never stop doing the things you love, please. Rest at home, merry Christmas and have fun on tour in America.